I sold my last tutu skirt last weekend
it was gray and sparkled and poofed
tulle that landed just above my knee.

I used to wear it with a pink butterfly top,
the butterflies fluttered when I walked,
tennis shoes with flowers,
and my Minnie ears as I skipped
Main Street, looking in store windows,
the smell of popcorn and cookies and cotton candy streaming out shop doors.

That tutu skirt was princesses,
peppermint sundaes,
Baymax cakepops,
spinning teacups.

I sold my last tutu skirt last weekend,
there were two others,
one was left behind in Florida,
the other sold to a woman back in August.

Her daughter wanted to wear it to Disney World,
I wanted it to go home.
It was green and pink and blue,
rested on my waist and
went to my calf.

It went well with the pink butterfly tank top,
she bought the butterflies too.

I sold my last tutu skirt last weekend.
walked past the dresses 
in the resale store.
Stood in the athletic wear section 
trying to figure out what would be best
for hiking trails and visiting waterfalls. 
A lot of neon,
a lot of black,
no tulle.

I turned in my cheap Payless sneakers
for good walking tennis shoes,
perfect for tracking through mud and
up stone stairs. 

I sold my second to last tutu skirt last weekend.
I have one more tucked away.
Preserved in a box, hiding away in the closet,
one hundred yards of tulle,
all white with a flower sash. 

That skirt is fireflies and
fireworks, promises and
pink and yellow daisies.

I still have one tutu skirt left,
a part of me will always be a princess. 

April is National Poetry Month! Write a poem today! ❤️


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