During one of the days Marc and I were stranded in the house during snowmageddon, he was watching trailers for upcoming video games on YouTube. Of course, YouTube is a rabbit hole so you start at video game trailers and the next thing you know you’re watching some nerd play a video game in his parent’s basement for 10 hours. Well, the screen skipped to a Crash Bandicoot game, and Marc explained to me that they were rebooting a couple of the games that Naughty Dog did. As I watched the game play it was like suddenly I was in the basement of my parents house, my sister and I, and our friends who lived in the house behind ours.

In the summer we’d sit in front of the TV for hours, passing the controller back and forth, each of us getting through the levels we were best at. Early in the morning we’d congregate at each other’s houses, searching for gems, and crystals, crashing boxes and chanting ‘OOGA BOOGA’ when we hit a box with the floating mask. We’d also play the Crash Bandicoot racing game, and make teams and compete.

My sister and I got our love of video games from our brother. We grew up watching his friends play Command and Conquer in the basement, with so many TVs and Playstations all connected together. They’d sit in different rooms so they couldn’t see what the other person was planning. We’d sit on the floor and watch, waiting patiently until we were old enough to try.

I took to Mortal Kombat very early on. One night when we were staying at our grandma’s house, we brought whatever game system we had at the time and played Mortal Kombat and Killer Instinct. Blood was all over that screen and my poor grandma had no idea what was going on when we’d all yell, “FINISH HIM” and mash the buttons so fast, the codes printed out on the papers in front of us.

Mortal Kombat_Jun1 10_46_05

I liked the fighting games when I was little, because Mario at the time was too hard. I grew bored of the Little Mermaid, Ducktales, and Looney Toons games that I had on my Gameboy. It wasn’t even the colored one, that Gameboy took 4 AA batteries. It was a monster. And if you weren’t at a save spot and the screen started to fade, you best hightail your ass to a plug as fast as you can cause all that hard work could be gone FOREVER.

As I got a little older I grew attached to Pokemon. All my friends would trade Pokemon with this cord we bought and we’d link up our Gameboys at sleepovers and have battles. My sister and I would on a weekly basis rent Pokemon Snap and Pokemon Stadium, which came with the attachment where you could put your Gameboy cartridge in and battle your Pokemon on the TV. It was a big deal.


One day when we went to the Family Video and they were out of the Pokemon game, we rented Mario Party and a new obsession began. It was another game we’d sit with our friends with for hours in the cool basement in the summer, eating snacks and trying to decide if we wanted to play the long version of the game or the short version. Very rarely did we make it through the long version, it was like playing Monopoly, sometimes you just had to accept that it was never going to end.


I took a little break from video games then, because Pokemon wasn’t cool anymore and kids at school were making fun of me, and we didn’t see our neighbor friends as much because we were all different ages and we were growing up.

It’s sad when playing Legos and creating a little world for these Lego monkeys that we had stops being so funny, or having Beanie Baby wars or pretending your spies and writing journals about Super Carpet Man stops being the best part of your summer. I still have one of those notebooks by the way, because I just have a really strong attachment to things so I keep it stashed away with all my notebooks of Nsync fanfiction. I’m going to put that stuff in my will, whoever ends up with it should be so lucky.

Then one year for my sister’s birthday I got her a video game called Kingdom Hearts. I was in high school and seriously that game changed my life. Okay, I know that’s an exaggeration, but it reminded me why I love video games so much. They have the ability to make you so happy and so mad within short periods of time. You know what I also realized in high school, boys LOVED to talk about video games. If you ever want to be a bro, and earn yourself a permanent spot in the friend zone, be a girl who likes to talk about video games. My sister ended up never really playing this game at all, but she’d watch me, and we’d sit downstairs like we did when we were kids, watching a boy with huge pants and tons of zippers and crazy hair, run around with Donald, Goofy, and Mickey, beating the shit out of stuff with a giant key to save Disney princesses.


It’s really great, seriously, like the Final Fantasy people make this game. I hear the songs that were in the game and it still gives me goose bumps to this day.

Then the second one came out and I spent the entire spring break of my senior year at my aunt’s house in Detroit playing this game. Roxas (aka Jesse McCartney) will be in my heart 4ever. #RoxasandAxelBFFS4Life

One of the things I love about Marc is that he loves video games. He acts like it’s no big deal, but he actually follows up on all the ones he likes, he sells ones he’s finished and preorders new ones. He brings them home and opens them up and reads the little booklets inside. When we first started dating, I would try to explain to him how I felt when the second Kingdom Hearts game finished, and the song was playing and all the characters were together again, and the cut scene looked like a movie. The first time I finished the game I cried. I told him this and he didn’t place me in the friend zone guys, WIN for ME.

Now I enjoy watching Marc play video games more than playing them myself. He really likes when his character falls off a cliff or something and I make sure to point out that he died and will need to start over. I’m the perfect video game spectator. I don’t think I’ve grown too old for the games; I’ve just lost that patience and ability to sit in one place and dedicate myself to something for so long.

Unless of course that Kingdom Hearts 3 game ever comes out, because then I’ll be taking a week off work and not leaving the couch because it’s been WAY TOO LONG. Don’t toy with me with your Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop, 365/whatever, 2.8937649834983458973458, THAT IS NOT A NEW GAME SQUARE ENIX GET YOUR SHIT TOGETHER.

But I mean, whatever, its fine. It’s not like I care or anything. Kind of like I don’t care that the Kingdom Hearts Pops don’t have any of the main characters other than Disney Characters. It’s basically the dumbest thing ever in the entire world.

Again though, not like I care.

The End.

P.S. – Hey Funko Pop, plz make a Sora and a Roxas. Kthxbye.



*All photos are from Google Images.


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