I have a somewhat obsessive personality. When I discover something I enjoy, I love it. I mean I LOVE it. It’s because I love to love things, I love being excited about something. Like take my latest obsession, Game of Thrones. I hopped on that bandwagon pretty late in the game, a little weary of it because of the goriness of the show. Marc ended up buying the first season on DVD back when we still lived in Florida, and though I had to cover my eyes during a majority of the episodes, the story had me hooked. Also, that THEME SONG. It is my ringtone (no one ever makes phone calls anymore but whatever, I enjoy knowing it’s there) and I also have a beautiful Game of Thrones Medley by the 2CHELLOS downloaded and placed on a playlist. It’s ready for a jam session whenever I am.

Anyway, so we finally get through all six seasons and after that Season 6 finale a part of my soul died. The next season won’t be out until the summer. WHY IS IT SO FAR AWAY?

It’s like that feeling of dread I used to get when I would finish a Harry Potter book and have to wait patiently for the next one to be written and released. Seriously, all that waiting to finish the book in one day, to then have to wait another year or so for more books. It’s torture.

After we completed the show I turned to the Game of Thrones books. I am currently on book three, and I read a few chapters every day on my lunch break. I then come home and give Marc a full report, in which I compare and contrast the book and the show, analyze why things from the books were changed for the show, and go in depth on the characters and the writing style. I am about 90% sure he is 1.) Regretting marrying an English major and 2.) Regretting ever bringing that show into my life. There’s no going back now though, it’s on my list of things to love. I hear ‘snow’ and immediately say ‘JON, JON SNOW?’ Which is not at all ridiculous being we live in an area where is snows very often. Every other day there is a 30% chance of Jon Snow. I made a dragon for my gingerbread house this year for Christmas. I also thought it would be great to make an entire gingerbread village themed like the locations in Game of Thrones, with the house banners on them. This idea was shot down by Marc. Sometimes I question how much he really likes me.

Other obsessions I have? BB-8, Moana (that soundtrack gives me life), Marvel everything, DC some things, and Pops. What are Pops you ask?

Let me start off by saying I do not have a problem. Remember what I said above, I love to love things. Remember that as I continue with my explanation. There is no problem here. Do not ask Marc about this. He has no say in this topic.

When I was younger my sister and I, like the rest of the world, were really into Beanie Babies. My dad was super into it too, and would call places on Fridays to see what Beanie Babies they were getting in on their shipments. We’d then go to places that no longer exist, like Country Sampler and Impressions, places that I’m sure solely existed due to Beanie Baby revenue, and we would stand in line with all the middle aged women waiting for the stores to open. The hunt was such a thrill, even though we were really doing the whole collecting thing all wrong. We played with our Beanie Babies so they had no value, and I think we just really enjoyed going out on a Saturday morning to spend time with our dad and to get a toy on a non-holiday. Plus afterwards usually involved a trip to McDonalds, where our new Beanie Babies would have a seat at the table while we ate a Happy Meal, and then possibly followed up with a Slurpee. It was a good time to be alive.

Fast forward to now. Pops. Just a reminder, there is no problem here. Pops are these cute little figurines of movie characters, TV show characters, video game characters, etc. that are released whenever a new big movie, video game, or TV show is coming out. They have big heads and black round eyes and tiny little bodies. They are adorable and cute and like Pokemon, I must have them all. And not just Pokemon Blue and Red and Yellow where there were only 150 little monsters, I mean I want them all including all those other colors and jewels and letters and numbers and day and night nonsense that exist now. I mean really there has to be like 1,000 Pokemon now. And there are WAY more than 1,000 Pops.

Marc started it really, bringing home a Louise from Bobs Burgers as a joke, and hiding her all over the apartment for me to find as I was going about my day. But after I had Louise I needed Tina. I loved Tina. Then of course after Inside Out came out I needed Disgust. She sat on my desk at work and was able to display everything I was feeling on a daily basis. It can’t just end with Disgust though, because I loved Sadness, and Joy. The thrill of the hunt had returned. Nothing makes me happier than Marc saying he needs to trade in a game at Game Stop, because that means a trip to the side of town where not only Game Stop has Pops, but Barnes and Noble has Pops. Then Target has Pops, and the Target is in the mall with another Game Stop, which, you guessed it, MORE POPS.

Remember, I repeat, there is no problem here.

A few weeks ago we went to the Destiny USA Mall in Syracuse. ThinkGeek had an entire wall of Pops. It was a beautiful sight and I will remember it always. The Pop wall and I had a moment, and then I picked one Pop from the wall, the Pink Power Ranger that I had been looking for for months, and then thanked the wall for existing. Marc picked out a keychain or something. He did not appreciate the wall as much as I did. We can’t all be chosen by the Pop wall. Did you know there is a wall in Game of Thrones? No? Well there is. Jon Snow was there, just an FYI.

I often tell Marc that he should be happy that I love something that only costs 8 to 12 dollars. I could love designer handbags or expensive shoes or fancy electronics. He may have then counted all the Pops and done some math, but who really needs to know those numbers? No me, I can’t even recall what they were to be honest.

I know, you’re probably like ‘OMG how can someone be so materialistic.’ Look, I love other stuff too okay, like my dog, and Marc, and cake, and those fancy coffees from Starbucks, and marshmallow anything, but I am allowed to love things if I want. Like Pops, and Game of Thrones, and that new Ed Sheeran song that reminds me of home. So shut up Judgy McJudgerson.

Just because I think of ways to add decorations to our house that would accommodate more Pops doesn’t mean I have a problem.

Because, remember, there is no problem here.

Just me, loving to love things. Surrounded by Pops. Dreaming of one day being like those people on Instagram that have their own entire wall of Pops. Or maybe an entire room of Pops. House full of Pops? Yes, a whole house full of Pops will do just fine.


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